"A good listener is an explorer of possible worlds."
Marianella Sclavi

“A good listener is an explorer of possible worlds.”

Marianella Sclavi


Participation and co-design to create inclusive, aware and transparent societies and communities.


• Inclusiveness
• Active listening
• Social innovation
• Professional growth

We believe in participation and co-design as fundamental tools to create inclusive, aware and transparent societies and communities.

We believe in active listening and in the multiplication and coexistence of points of view.

We value the role of culture in enhancing innovation and social inclusion that can eventually promote sustainability, inclusive education and the communities’ health and well-being.

We believe that decision-making processes can be horizontal, inclusive and sociocratic.

We believe in facilitation as a necessary tool to address challenges.

We create open, safe, non-judgmental spaces to accompany groups towards shared and informed decisions.

We adapt techniques and timing to client’s and group’s needs, valuing the wisdom of perspectives and honoring outcomes.


Facilitator and theatre curator.

I earned a PhD in Italian Literature from the University of Ferrara and I’m a freelance journalist.

I deal with international projects, social innovation and I coordinate and develop audience development projects.

I attended in 2021 the Master Facilitators, directed by Gerardo De Luzenberger and Stefania Lattuille, recognized by IAF (The International Association of Facilitators). Since then I’ve been continuing to train, delving into various techniques and methodologies with international teachers, from Dragon Dreaming to Dialogic OD, from Processwork to Clean Language. 



• Facilitation for work teams
• Participatory processes with artists/communities
• Projects for teenagers

Facilitation for work teams

We support work teams by improving internal dynamics while optimizing results and establishing new ways of handling resources as well as critical issues.

Participatory processes with artists/communities

We deal with design and management of participatory processes with artists and communities.

Projects for teenagers

We develop safe and non-judgmental environments where teenagers can explore new ways of expression through exchange and sharing.

Participatory processes with artists/communities


5 months of process to co-design a festival with 7 international artists and the communities of Mendrisiotto

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Participatory processes with artists/communities


Co-programming pathway for the younger generation in Turin

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